Muscle and Joint Pain

Pain in muscles and joints are common and seldom need to be treated by a doctor.

           What to look for

  • Stiffness and pain especially with movement


  • Strain due to overexertion
  •  Injury
  •  Inflammation
  •  Wear and tear

    Treatment at home for muscle pain

  • Massage affected part and keep it warm
  •  Rest
  •  Take painkillers such as paracetamol

    Treatment at home for joint pain

  •  Rest the sore joint
  •  Take painkillers as for muscle pain

    Strains and sprains


    Rest the injured part
    Ice wrapped in a cloth – or a bag of frozen peas – can be used to reduce the swelling
    Compress the injury gently with a bandage
    Elevate the injured part

    When to see your doctor

  •  If the pain in the joint or muscle does not improve after three days
  •  If the joint looks deformed
  •  If there is swelling
  •  If mobility is badly affected

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